A raw material in the paper industry

Update:15 Feb 2019

As a raw material in the paper industry, the price chan […]

As a raw material in the paper industry, the price changes of pulp also basically reflect the market of the paper industry this year. In response to this situation, many companies have adjusted their production structure to accommodate such price fluctuations.

Among them, some Chinese forestry-pulp-paper integrated papermaking enterprises have rebuilt or expanded their own pulp product lines, replacing their outsourcing with self-built pulp, reducing their own cost pressure.

Chenming Paper originally planned to produce a dissolving pulp production line with an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons (non-paper pulp) in Hubei. After the industry cycle in the first half of the year, it actively adjusted some of the production capacity to convert the dissolving pulp into chemical pulp. Used in your own paper industry.

In the industry's down cycle, there are not a few Chinese companies that choose to do so. For multinational paper companies, the cost of raw materials is relatively more controllable, and the risk impact of short-term price fluctuations is relatively lower.