Three types of wrinkled paper for daily use, packaging and decoration

Update:08 Sep 2018

Wrinkled paper, also known as wrinkled paper, refers to […]

Wrinkled paper, also known as wrinkled paper, refers to a kind of processed paper with wrinkles on paper, which can be divided into three types: daily life, packaging, and decorative wrinkle paper. Crumpled paper for daily use such as napkins and hygienic wrinkles, and paper which is soft and has good water absorption is used as the base paper.
Three types of wrinkled paper for daily use, packaging and decoration:
The wrinkled paper for packaging is tough and elastic, and is used for packaging flexible products such as wool and wool products to prevent the paper from being broken due to the large stretchability of the package, and the strong wrapping paper is used as the base paper.
Decorative wrinkled paper, such as various colored crepe paper, for festive decoration and tying paper flowers, using tissue paper as the base paper. The base paper that is wet (or not completely dried) is usually scraped off with a spatula on the drying cylinder, or the wrinkles are mechanically pressed out and dried.
The original "handcuff paper" refers to the paper with natural pleated texture by hand. For example, the "South Korean handkerchief paper" we used is really a piece of paper made by hand. The texture is hand-made. The texture of the paper \ texture color is very special.
But the handkerchief paper that is often said now refers to a kind of wrapping paper that is very common on the market. It is the kind of colored, fine-grained square paper commonly used in flower shops. It is the texture of the machine-like hand-cranked texture. Cheap. Because it is rich in color and cheap, it is very suitable for packaging and origami. Some use it to make paper flowers, but the effect is far less than paper vine.
There are many kinds of paper called crepe paper. For example, the kind of colored paper that the teacher used to tie the big red flowers when we were young, the texture paper is a bit like the toilet paper, also called the crepe paper, and some people call the crepe paper and the paper vine called crepe paper because They all have wrinkles,