Answer for you the usage of disposable compressed towels?

Update:26 Jul 2021

How to use compressed towels: Compressed towels do not […]

How to use compressed towels:

Compressed towels do not require water temperature. Tear off the sealed packaging bag and put it in water to absorb water and expand. According to the size and cotton content, it will fully expand after 3-6 seconds of water absorption. Manually unfold it. The towel is intact and ready to use. .

Compressed towel disposable

The positioning of compressed towels is generally disposable. "Compression" refers to a type of packaging that is convenient for carrying on business trips. It can be used instead of ordinary towels. Because it is compressed, it is very convenient to carry. The general purpose towel is the same.

However, due to different raw materials, the actual service life of compressed towels is also different.

Non-cotton non-woven fabric compressed towels or low-quality knitted fabric towels are cheap, small in size, slightly inferior in hand, easy to break, and easy to fall off, so there is no need for recycling.

The cotton spunlace non-woven fabric compressed towel has the characteristics of pure cotton skin-friendly, soft and comfortable texture, no damage to the skin, no swarf, strong water absorption, good toughness, portable and hygienic, and can effectively prevent cross-infection of germs. It can be repeated use.

The quality of knitted compressed towels after unfolding is the same as ordinary towels. They are thread or cotton woven and can be recycled.

Compressed towels cannot lose the basic functions of towels. Clean + portability is a unique attribute of compressed towels, and the quality cannot be reduced for portability. Therefore, adding one star gives the compressed towel the third attribute: quality. Compressed cotton towels with pearl patterns can be recycled.

How to judge whether it is one-time

After using the compressed towel once, clean it, dry it and put it in the water again. If it does not break easily and does not cause swarf, it can be reused.