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Bagasse papermaking is more scientific than burning


Is it to burn the sugar cane bagasse directly as a fuel, or to extract the plant fiber from the bagasse as a papermaking material and then convert the remaining organic matter into biomass energy, which is more conducive to society and the environment?

Regardless of energy, resource efficiency, economic value added and ecological protection, bagasse is a better choice for pulp production.

The direct thermal combustion of bagasse is not high, and the production of pulp can not only obtain high quality paper, but also the marrow and other organic matter removed from the bagasse can be efficiently converted into steam through the alkali recovery reactor. The steam is first used for power generation. In pulp and paper, the waste water in the storage process of the stockpile can also be converted into biogas fuel, and the produced paper can be finally converted into biomass energy after use. Different from direct combustion, while obtaining pulp and recycling energy, it reduces the consumption of wood raw materials, and improves the resource utilization efficiency and the added value of industrial waste.