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Benefits of Foot bath cloth

A foot bath cloth is a small towel that a person uses to stand on after showering or bathing. It is made of terry cloth, Fouta, or ribbed cotton and is usually Oeko-Tex certified for safety. It can be used as a washcloth or as a place to dry the feet when they are finished.
A Foot bath cloth can help soothe sore muscles and dry skin. It can also promote relaxation and may help with conditions such as itchy feet or eczema. However, it should not substitute medical treatments or be used for open wounds. If a person has a history of skin or nail infections, they should speak with their doctor before using a foot bath.

Ingredients that can help with fungal infection
Some ingredients in foot soaks can discourage the growth of certain types of fungi on the skin or nails, such as thyme oil and zinc salt. A person can try adding these to a foot bath and see whether the symptoms subside. A person should do a patch test before putting a foot soak on their feet, as some people may have sensitive skin or allergies to specific ingredients.