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Construction of paper-making raw material


The source of wood raw materials in China mainly depends on natural forest trees. The scale of self-operated forests in papermaking enterprises is very small, and there are not many directional cultivation of paper-making forest bases. There are more than 20 pulp and paper enterprises with wood as the main raw material. Since 1981, the company has built a self-made paper raw material forest base. Over the past 20 years, it has established 330,000 hectares (4.95 million mu) and accumulated afforestation investment of more than 300 million yuan. The forest stocks are only more than 14 million cubic meters. It is far from being able to adapt to the development of the paper industry in terms of total volume and variety structure. Due to the influence of factors such as the recipient system, taxes and funds, the construction of paper-making raw material forest bases is very slow.

In the domestic large and medium-sized pulp and paper enterprises that use wood as raw materials, the “three wastes” can reach the standard discharge, and the overall level of technical equipment has reached the international level in the late 1980s. Domestic large-scale enterprises of pulp and paper using wood as the main raw material. After transformation in recent years, the pollution control facilities are perfect, and the “three wastes” can be used as the standard discharge. The technical equipment has reached the international level in the late 1980s. In recent years, new wood pulp and paper production lines after the renovation of new wood pulp mills and old enterprises can reach the international advanced level.

The domestic supply capacity of wood fiber raw materials and medium and high-grade paper and paperboard with wood pulp as the main raw material is seriously insufficient, and it depends on a large number of imports. In 2000, it imported 3.35 million tons of wood pulp, 3.71 million tons of waste paper, 5.97 million tons of paper and cardboard, 340,000 tons of paper products, total import volume of 13.37 million tons, and US$ 6.64 billion.

The current status of forest resources in China is relatively large, with low coverage, low per capita possession, extremely uneven geographical distribution, unreasonable forest age structure, and insufficient resources. From the perspective of the total consumption of forest resources in China, 328 million cubic meters, industrial materials consumption accounted for 39.3%, farmers' self-use materials consumption accounted for 21.5%, fuelwood consumption accounted for 32.5%, and other consumption accounted for 6.7%. From the perspective of timber structure, sawn timber and machining materials accounted for 92%, pulp and paper accounted for 5%, and artificial panels accounted for 3%. Judging from the current structure of materials, it can provide about 8.45 million cubic meters of pulp and paper raw materials per year, and can produce nearly 1.7 million tons of wood pulp (based on 5 cubic meters of wood and 1 ton of pulp).