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Cope with the frequent price increases of paper mills


The manufacturer's price increase letter, wave of wave of screen, cultural paper, mainly coated paper, offset paper, as always, for several consecutive months, pulled up three or four rounds, before there is a bit tangled, corrugated The box paper is also affected by the decline in the quota of imported waste paper. It has risen from the downturn and the momentum is still very strong. Let us recall that the market price of this paper seems to have risen sharply in the spring of the past few years. The state, the manufacturers are actively pushing up, and it is a bunch of pushes, of course, some years, such as 16/17 years, opened the prelude to the continuous rise throughout the year, but last year, it was quickly turned from decline And appeared one after another, the trend of the second round of the big fall. So today, today, our market seems to have reached the same node. Where to go, when this manufacturer’s price increase letter is flying, how should we deal with it? How to judge? how to respond?

In recent years, due to the increased integration of paper mills, the concentration is getting higher and higher, and the synergy on the supply side is getting stronger and stronger. From the price increase letters, they are often released and can be seen. Therefore, according to my summary, we should do three important things when the price increase letter is flying. Summarized in three sentences, the first sentence: see the situation, not blindly; second sentence: take the initiative, do not drag; third sentence: adjust inventory, right.

For you to share a few practical price prediction methods for your reference.

First of all, according to the data, the data is not enough, but it will be seen. How to look, there is a jealousy of judgment here, that is, the relationship between pulp and paper.

Second, to judge the future changes in prices, we must also pay attention to the actual pressure of the paper mill and the strength of the protection of the market price.

Finally, pay attention to the downstream customers, including the acceptance of printing, packaging companies and end users.

The second sentence: take the initiative to not drag. When judging that price increases have become a trend, then friends who buy paper or sell paper should maintain a positive attitude, actively respond, and even take advantage of this trend of price increases. Here I also give you three suggestions, how to use the price increase trend, and take the initiative to attack.

The third sentence: Adjusting the timing of inventory is good. Everyone knows that during the period of falling prices, normal products are not good for sale, not to mention some stagnation and abnormal products. But during the price increase. The situation is different, so it is a good time to adjust your inventory structure by using the price band.