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Design and print "special paper"! Learn about


 There are many types of special papers, and the design and printing effects presented in the end are not the same.
Plant parchment is a kind of denatured processed paper made from thick paper made from plant fibers and treated with sulfuric acid to change its original properties. It is semi-transparent, has few pores, and is tough and tight. It can be processed by waxing, coating, embossing or wrinkling.
In modern design, it is often used as a ring or paper for books, and sometimes as a title page for books or albums.
Synthetic paper uses synthetic resin (such as PP, PE, etc.) as the main raw material. After a certain process, the resin is melted, extruded and stretched to form a film, and then paperized to give whiteness and opacity to its natural plant fibers. And printability. General synthetic paper is divided into two categories: one is fiber synthetic paper, and the other is film-based synthetic paper.
Synthetic paper has excellent printing performance, and no "paper break" phenomenon will occur during printing; the surface of the synthetic paper shows minimal irregularities, which greatly helps to improve opacity and printability; the synthetic paper image reproduces well, The dots are clear, the color tone is soft, the size is stable, and it is not easy to age.
The characteristics of embossed paper are mechanical embossing or corrugated paper, which forms a concave-convex pattern on the surface of paper or cardboard. Embossed paper enhances its decorative effect by embossing, making the paper more textured. Many papers used for flexible packaging often use embossing before or after printing to improve the visual effect of the packaging and the value of the product.
Embossed paper embossing can be divided into two types: embossed and unembossed. The so-called overprint embossing is to press the printed flower shape into a concave and convex shape according to the printed flower shape, so that the pattern can be bulged, which can play the role of beautiful decoration. Without embossing, the pattern is not directly related to the printed pattern. There are many types of this pattern. Such as: cloth pattern, twill pattern, needle pattern, leather pattern, linen pattern, etc.
① Copy screen paper. The line patterns of the dipstick paper are looming and soft, and some imported dipstick papers contain cotton, so the texture is softer, more natural, and full of toughness, which is suitable for packaging and printing.
② Antique effect paper. Many customers and graphic designers have a passion for high-quality, plain uncoated paper, and they love the warmth and richness of this paper. In addition, book publishing also requires more durable paper. It is more desirable that the paper is fresh and stiff to ensure stable and consistent printing results. Products designed with antique effect paper are simple, beautiful and elegant.
③ adulterants and special effects paper. The trend of environmental protection is very popular. Speckled paper came into being. In order to achieve the effect of natural recycling, pulp is added with various impurities. Some environmentally friendly recycled paper is added with impurities such as ore, snow, petals, etc., to make the paper form spots or create parchment effect.
This type of paper is very popular with consumers, and it is the first choice for various certificates, book covers and restaurant recipes and wine lists. Due to the special-looking paper appearance, designers are often the paper of choice for simple prints and boring documents.
④ Uncoated pattern paper. The natural texture and the printability effect of the coated paper are both inclusive. Both sides of this paper are specially treated to reduce the water absorption of the paper, so that the printing ink remains on the surface of the paper, making the ink texture better. The metallic pearlescent series paper can change with the viewing angle of the human eye, and the effect after printing is better.
⑤ Just ancient paper. It is a sign and code of high-quality commercial, writing and printing paper, which is loved by hotels, banks, and enterprises everywhere.
⑥ Pearl pattern paper. The color tone of the paper can produce different color sensations according to the change of viewing angle. Its gloss is formed by the light diffused and refracted to the surface of the paper. It has a "flash silver" effect, so printing a pattern with metallic characteristics will be excellent and suitable for Make all kinds of high-end exquisite and modern fashion prints.
Whether it is ordinary paper or special paper, the surface has different textures. People have different feelings about smooth, rough, delicate and white. We can make different choices according to the surface properties of the substrate. Design personalized and very different style works that conform to the trend to show the theme of the design and make the prints practical and beautiful.