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Different Types of Masking Tape Paper

Masking tape paper is a strong yet thin and adhesive paper that is used in various applications like protecting electric wires, as insulation material, and for various other general purposes. It is a handy and appeasing product that can be found in most home improvement stores at a fairly low price.

Paper tape comes in a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses. It is available in a range of different materials and backings such as kraft, washi and crepe paper among others.

Performance masking tapes are manufactured from a fine structured crepe (FSC) backing which gives them extra conformability to curves, edges and irregularities without air pockets that can cause seeping and bleeding. They are also abrasion resistant and more rigid than standard crepe tapes.

Painter's Tape is a special grade of masking tape designed specifically to work with paint. It is designed to prevent paint from bleeding into masked off areas and produce clean lines that are not prone to wrinkles or puckering.

High-performance masking tapes are designed for a wide range of painting and decorative applications. They are ideal for sandblasting, powder coating and many more. They ensure straight lines in finishing, no residue when removed from the surface and are resistant to high temperatures.

Packaging Tape is another type of tape that is commonly used in a number of applications such as sealing boxes and packages, preventing leaks, protecting sensitive surfaces and so on. It is made of a polyimide film and a heat-resistant silicone adhesive and maintains excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties under extreme conditions.