Disposable non-woven face towels are better than traditional face towels

Update:21 Jul 2021

Disadvantages of traditional face towels: 1. The smell […]

Disadvantages of traditional face towels:
1. The smell of humidity is heavy: Generally, the towels in the family are located in the bathroom, which will cause the towels to not be exposed to the sun and remain in a damp state for a long time. There will be an unpleasant damp smell after a long time, and it will become hard after a long time.
2. The breeding of bacteria leads to allergies: Expert studies have shown that more than one million bacteria will survive after using a towel for half a year. If you use it for a long time, you will have symptoms of skin allergies and inflammation, and babies with sensitive muscles will suffer more damage.
3. Sharing leads to cross-infection: Most household wash towels should be shared, which can easily cause cross-infection. Even if you don’t share them, everyone will take a towel after washing your hands. This way, wiping your face with a towel will definitely damage your skin.
4. Inconvenient to carry: When traveling or staying in a hotel for travel, you will definitely not bring your own towels. It's not easy to deal with the trouble. But the hotel towels are not very dare to use, and I always feel that they are not clean. Even if it is washed, it will not change the fact that it has been used by many people.

Advantages of disposable non-woven face towels:
With the emergence of disposable non-woven face towels, these shortcomings of traditional towels have been well resolved. As a disposable product, the face towel can be used clean and sterile. It can also prevent us from spending time cleaning towels. The most important thing is that disposable face towels have a short use cycle, which can prevent the growth of bacteria and better protect our facial skin. Some babies may think that it is too wasteful to throw away the face towel when they are used up, but the face towel can be used not only for wiping the face, but also for many other purposes.
1. Make-up remover: Another great use of disposable non-woven face towel is that it can be used instead of makeup remover cotton, and the toughness of the face towel is better than makeup cotton, and it can easily remove makeup with makeup remover. And the face towel will not drop the cotton lint like many makeup remover cottons. It is much larger than the ordinary makeup remover cotton. One piece can remove the complete makeup, which is simple, convenient and fast.
2. When using wet wipes: The face wash towel can also be transformed into a wet wipe with lotion. When the facial skin is dry and red, you can pour the essence water on it and wipe it gently. The effect is also great.
3. As a rag: The face towel can be used as a small disposable rag after use. It can not only be used for wet and dry purposes, but also can be reused to wipe items that need to be cleaned such as makeup tables or shoes.

Finally, the focus is on. The biggest advantage of disposable non-woven face towels is that they are clean, hygienic and convenient.