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Disposable towels are a superior and affordable choice


 Made of natural wood fibers, they are bleach-free, DYE-free, and 100% absorbent. They are available in two-ply and three-ply tissues. They are perfect for use in spas, hair salons, hotels, and medical facilities.

The fabric is made from cellulose, a substance derived from trees. Unlike cotton, cellulose is free of synthetic substances. This makes the material environmentally friendly and provides a silky cashmere-like sensation.

The products are also designed to be recyclable. The packaging is compostable, and the fibers biodegrade within 12 weeks. In addition, they are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and come from ethically sourced forests.

The reducing agent is contained in an airtight pouch. The oxidizing agent is contained in a pod. These materials are separated before they are applied to the skin.

A reducing agent is used to reduce the amount of heat that is evolved. This is accomplished through an exothermic chemical reaction. The rate of heat evolution is dependent on the amount of oxidizing and reducing agent.

A disposable towel is a light, portable, and single-use product. It is a very effective method for preventing the transmission of bacteria and germs. In addition, the materials are eco-friendly and are easy to dry.