Do you know characteristics of masking tape?

Update:15 Mar 2021

Masking tape is based on tape and pressure sensitive ad […]

Masking tape is based on tape and pressure sensitive adhesive as the primary raw materials. A roll-shaped adhesive tape made by coating pressure-sensitive adhesive on textured paper and coating with anti-adhesive material on the other side.
Masking tape is mainly used for paint spraying projects or other common paint cover margins, and parts used for precision electroplating do not need to cover the use of electroplating.
It is also used for powder spraying, paint spraying, electroplating shielding, circuit board (PCB) processing, electrical insulation products, transformers, coils, and positioning and packaging of various products have played a very good effect.
Masking tape also has excellent resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, easy to tear, soft clothing and then stripped without residues and other excellent functions, the product meets ROHS environmental protection requirements.
So do you know what are the characteristics of masking tape?
1. Good temperature resistance
If you need high temperature resistance, you can choose high temperature masking tape or red masking tape
2. Strong stickiness
We know that the strength of the adhesive tape largely reflects the quality of the tape. The adhesiveness of masking tape is very good, better than that of general adhesive tape. And it will not leave any glue after use. This feature makes it more widely used.
3. Various colors
Masking tape has many colors and is easy to tear. This feature is one of the key reasons that make it a DIY manual tape. Many colors make it versatile, and easy tearing makes it very convenient to use.

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The base paper of masking tapes is imported materials, with soft and smooth texture, good uniformity, and good printing performance; after being made into tape by manufacturers, they have good flexibility and docility, moderate viscosity, very good retention; the weight and specifications can be customized according to user needs.