How is sandpaper made

Update:12 Aug 2021

Abrasive paper uses synthetic resin as a binder to bond […]

Abrasive paper uses synthetic resin as a binder to bond silicon carbide abrasive to latex, and is coated with an antistatic coating to make a high-end product. It has the advantages of anti-clogging, anti-static, good flexibility, and high wear resistance.

A variety of finenesses are available, suitable for polishing metal surfaces, putty and coating. Dry sanding paper is generally made of special kraft paper and latex paper, natural and synthetic resins are used as binders, and manufactured through advanced high-static sand planting technology. This product has high grinding efficiency and is not easy to stick to chips. It is suitable for dry grinding. . It is widely used in furniture, decoration and other industries, especially rough grinding.
Sandpaper model:

In units of per square centimeter, No. 0 corresponds to a particle size of 120 mesh, No. 1 is 100 mesh, No. 1 is a half 80 mesh, No. 2 is 60 mesh, No. 2 is a half 46 mesh, No. 3 is 36 mesh, No. 4 is 24 mesh, the number of meshes is more The more the thinner, the smaller the number 0.

The number of commonly used sandpaper is consistent with the number of meshes, that is, the larger the number of sandpaper, the more the number of meshes, and the finer the sandpaper; the smaller the number, the smaller the number of meshes, and the finer the sandpaper. Generally, the mark of sandpaper is No. 30, and the fineness is 30 mesh. Mark No. 60, the fineness is 60 mesh. The label is No. 400, and the fineness is 400 mesh.