How to buy high-quality tissues?

Update:02 Nov 2020

Paper towels are an essential sanitary and cleaning pro […]

Paper towels are an essential sanitary and cleaning product in people's daily life, and belong to the category of household paper. Nowadays, the various packaging paper towels on the market are usually dazzling. So, what should we pay attention to when buying tissues

1. Choose products from large-scale enterprises and well-known brands: Generally, the products of large-scale enterprises have gone through many times, and the national supervision and random checks have shown that the quality is stable and reliable. Moreover, these companies have advanced production equipment, strict production process management, and good quality of raw materials. Although it is relatively expensive in price, it can ensure hygiene and safety and make it more comfortable to use.

Taizhou Rose Paper Co.,Ltd. covers an area of 27000M2 and employed more than 200 workers. It owns 7production lines including Fourdrinier, cylinder wire paper-making machine,inclined wire paper-making machine, wet nonwoven fabrics machine line, coating line etc.

2. Pay attention to the outer packaging: The name, address and telephone number of the manufacturer should be indicated on the product packaging. Also pay attention to check whether the product name, production date, sanitation license number, expiration date and implementation standards are indicated on the packaging. It is necessary to choose products that are well packaged and have a relatively recent production date.

3. It is best to choose products made from pure wood pulp: At present, the raw materials for the production of paper towels are complex, including cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp, waste paper edges, and waste paper. Products produced using waste paper edges and waste paper as raw materials generally have a quality in the low-to-medium range, low strength, and are easy to shed powder and hair. When used to wipe sweat, the paper hair will easily stick to the face.

Fourth, paper towels are not as white as possible: In order to increase the whiteness of paper towels, some manufacturers will add excessive fluorescent brighteners. Long-term use will cause harm to humans. Naturally, the tone of high-quality tissues is very soft. Because pure wood pulp paper does not have any additives, the color should be natural ivory white and the texture is relatively uniform. The above is the introduction of the editor.