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How to choose natural paper


1. Look at the logo

Product identification is an important way to understand product quality information. The contents of toilet paper identification mainly include: product name, factory name, factory address, product implementation standard number, production date, shelf life, product quality level, and the most important thing is to determine whether it is a brand company through the identification. Production, avoid buying no-name brands, generally the quality assurance rate of no-name brands is relatively low.

2. Look at the color

The best choice for buying natural color paper is light yellow, not too dark or too white. Taibai paper is generally bleached and contains harmful additives. Long-term use is not good for the health.

3. Look at the raw materials

Generally, the main ingredients are written on the product packaging. It depends on whether the natural paper we want to buy is wood pulp or bamboo pulp. Generally, natural bamboo pulp paper is better, and some wood pulp toilet paper will appear a lot of dust after opening. The natural color paper of bamboo pulp is very clean, and the toilet paper looks smooth from the outside.

4. Burn paper towels

Good paper is not afraid of burning, and good non-additive natural paper is white ash after burning. The inferior toilet paper is black and gray after burning, accompanied by a bad smell, because a large amount of harmful additives (fluorescent agents, bleaching agents, etc.) are added.

5. Water absorption

High-quality bamboo pulp natural paper has higher water absorption than ordinary toilet paper. We all know that ordinary toilet paper melts together after it is wet and cannot be unfolded. High-quality bamboo pulp natural paper is not rotten when wet, and can be used to remove makeup and absorb oil.