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How to choose toilet paper


Consumers should carefully distinguish and choose when buying paper towels, and avoid buying low-quality paper towels that contain a large amount of fluorescent agents and brighteners. After fluorescent agents are absorbed by the human body, they will become potential carcinogenic factors, and long-term use will affect the health of themselves and their families.

Toilet paper is in direct contact with the human body, and its sanitary condition directly affects the health of the human body. Therefore, pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing toilet paper:

1. Check whether the product packaging is marked with a sanitary license number, whether it is printed with the name of the factory, the address of the factory, and whether there is an implementation standard.

2. Looking at the color of the paper, pure wood pulp paper does not have any additives, the color should be natural ivory white, and the texture is relatively uniform.

3. Look at the price. Toilet paper with a low retail price in the market generally cannot contain pure wood pulp.

4. Looking at the endurance strength, pure wood pulp paper has high tensile force, good toughness and not easy to break due to its long fiber, while paper of poor quality has irregular holes and powder.

Fifth, depending on the result of the fire, a good toilet paper will be white after burning.

6. Look at the shelf life. The better napkins, facial tissues and women's papers are all marked with the implementation standards and shelf life, while most of the inferior toilet papers are not marked.

In addition, do not buy rough and hard toilet paper, unpackaged and unsterilized loose toilet paper, because toilet paper with complete packaging is generally disinfected, and loose toilet paper is not sterilized and is easily contaminated by bacteria.

After knowing how to buy toilet paper, I naturally understand how to avoid buying inferior toilet paper. Of course, good things are not too cheap, and many toilet papers that are significantly lower than the market price are inferior. For the health of yourself and your family, you can increase your budget appropriately so that you can buy quality toilet paper that suits you.