How to correctly identify wet wipes?

Update:21 Sep 2019

Wet wipes products are indispensable for people's daily […]

Wet wipes products are indispensable for people's daily life, and they are one of the most popular cleaning products for consumers. Especially for infants and young children, wipes are an essential item for every mother.
With the continuous development of the wet wipes market, there are more and more related companies, and many companies want to get a share in the market. Such a phenomenon will inevitably lead to a result. A large number of miscellaneous wet wipes products enter the market, and consumers' rights and interests are not guaranteed.
So how do you tell the difference between wet wipes?
Packaging is intuitively found by every consumer. Regular products should clearly indicate the manufacturer, production address, date of manufacture, shelf life and other relevant information on the packaging.
2. Shelf life
Many people are very sensitive to the shelf life, but the shelf life of wet wipes should be the same, you need to check carefully, expired products are not used.
3. Sealing
When purchasing a wet wipe, check the outer packaging of the wet wipe. The general product is sealed before use. There should be no damage.
4. Feel
The feel of the quality wipes is very soft, there will be a faint scent, and there will be no problem of pilling after use.
5. Irritating
Wet wipes are irritating. Be careful not to wipe your eyes directly during use to avoid adverse reactions. If irritating reactions such as itchy skin occur after use, stop using it immediately. If it is serious, go to the hospital for examination.
In addition to the above points to pay attention to, smell the wet wipes, look at the color appearance of the wet wipes, the effect of use, etc. are also a good way to identify the quality of wet wipes, hope to be available to consumers There is some help when we wipe the towel.