How to distinguish the quality of the paper?

Update:16 Nov 2020

Drawing paper is to divide it into square or rectangula […]

Drawing paper is to divide it into square or rectangular shapes, stack them on top of each other, and then put them into a paper box with a small opening. Each time you can pull one out of the small opening, another will be brought out. It is also very convenient to use. In daily life, household paper is commonly used. It can be seen everywhere. High-quality paper towels not only bring convenience to our lives, but are also closely related to our physical health. Nowadays, there are many brands of pumping paper on the market, so there are differences in quality. So, how should we distinguish the quality of pumping paper?

1. Raw materials: When we are purchasing paper-pumping products, we should pay attention to whether the components and raw materials of the paper-pumping production are indicated on the packaging. Generally speaking, high-quality puffed paper will use "100% virgin wood pulp". Some paper products are labeled "pure wood pulp", but there are still big differences between virgin wood pulp and pure wood pulp, so pay attention to distinguish.

2, the number of draws: Generally speaking, the number of draws is the total number of draws in each pack of drawn paper, usually there will be a mark on the packaging of the paper drawn product. But it should be noted that the number of draws mentioned is not the number of sheets of paper but the number of draws. This is also to be noted.

Quality: When we use it, we should pay attention to whether it will be rotten when exposed to water. High-quality drawn paper usually adds more imported fibers. Special technology is used to increase the density and the product's toughness. Even if the paper is immersed in water, it will not Cracks easily. It also depends on whether the paper is too white, whether it is lint, whether it is pungent or not. It can be considered from the aspects of hand feel, toughness, water absorption, safety and hygiene, etc., but the quality of the paper will affect the skin and even the health of the body. , So pay special attention to buying regular qualified paper.