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How to judge the quality of Household paper


There is a kind of paper in your life that you may not care about, but if you can't find it when you need it, you will die. It is toilet paper. It may seem inconspicuous, but it is a necessary household paper for every household.

Toilet paper is mainly used for people's daily hygiene, and is one of the indispensable paper types for the people. In order to make the toilet paper soft, mechanical methods are usually used to make the paper wrinkle and increase the softness of the toilet paper. There are many raw materials for making toilet paper. Commonly used are natural non-polluting raw materials such as cotton pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, and straw pulp. Toilet paper requires no toxic chemicals, no raw materials that are irritating to the skin, and no mold, virus, and bacterial residues. Toilet paper is characterized by strong water absorption, no pathogenic bacteria (E. coli and other pathogenic bacteria are not allowed), soft and uniform thickness without holes, uniform wrinkling, uniform color, and no impurities. If the small rolls of double-layer toilet paper are produced, the punching pitch should be consistent, the pinholes should be clear, easy to tear, and neat.


So how to judge the quality of toilet paper? It can be judged from the following 6 aspects:

1. It feels soft and smooth.

2. It can feel tenacity when pulling, not easy to tear.

3. When it is dry, rubbing hard will not cause powder.

4. The whiteness is naturally white, very pleasing to the eye, not white, very clean and dazzling.

5. The packaging indicates that the raw material is [raw wood pulp] or [raw wood pulp], with a content of 100%.

6. Note that some low-quality paper will add bagasse pulp to the material, or even use bagasse pulp entirely. This kind of slurry will also make the paper very tough and not easy to break, but it will feel much rougher.

Sanitary paper, which is a necessity for people's daily life, is divided into two categories according to different uses: one is tissue paper, and the other is crepe toilet paper. According to relevant experts, consumers' use of inferior toilet paper will endanger their health, especially women and children, which are prone to diseases and should attract the attention of consumers.

For example, bamboo fiber paper made of bamboo pulp has strong bones and a "sound". Bamboo fiber is healthy and flexible, contains bamboo kun, which is anti-bacterial and skin-friendly. Strong water absorption and safer.