How to manage the paper mill

Update:23 Mar 2019

The goal of paper mill management is to stabilize quali […]

The goal of paper mill management is to stabilize quality, increase production, and reduce consumption.
Quality is the life. Stable quality means that the quality indicators of the product must meet the standards and do not cause large fluctuations. Due to the mutual influence and mutual restraint between the quality indicators, it is not the higher the indicator value, the better.
The ideal quality assurance system requires that the main quality indicators in production meet the requirements of the product. This requires the properties of raw materials, auxiliary materials, production process conditions, and personnel operations must be relatively stable.
Increasing production and reducing consumption can reduce costs and increase the profitability of products. According to the production plan issued by the factory, comprehensive analysis shall be carried out to determine the technical and economic indicators such as paper machine speed, papermaking rate, yield rate and first-class product rate. Under the premise of ensuring quality, the papermaking rate and yield rate shall be maximized. In order to help increase product output.
How to determine the speed of the paper machine? This requires a comprehensive analysis based on product quality requirements, raw material characteristics, production conditions, equipment performance and other factors.
Sometimes the speed is increased, but the production rate is reduced due to the reduction in the production rate and the yield.
Any paper machine has a specific speed range and what kind of product to produce. The production variety and speed should be determined according to the design characteristics of the paper machine to achieve high speed and high production.
The main raw material consumption and energy consumption of tons of paper are generally related to the size of the paper machine. The larger the paper machine is, the lower the consumption is, but there is a problem of scientific operation.
In particular, large paper machines should try to reduce the number of downtimes, which is the key to high production and low consumption.
Under certain production conditions, a specific paper machine and a specific variety have a minimum consumption value. The actual consumption is higher than this value, and this difference should be minimized by implementing the consumption target responsibility system and setting up the consumption reduction incentive.