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How to use the square towel


1. Conventional form A right-angled triangle is folded along the diagonal line, and then the oblique side is facing forward, the right angle is facing backward, and the two bottom corners are placed around the neck. This is the most common method.
2, masked style Folded squares or triangles flat over the bridge of the nose, tied behind, so that the nose, mouth and face are blocked, only the eyes are exposed, so you can do it.
3, tight hoop type from the forehead to the brain after the head wrapped, located above the auricle, the back of the brain to fold the edge of the excess square scarf back into the inside, this will form a homemade small fun, this is a fairy type.
4, the bib type bundles the entire square into a line, tied to the neck, the front can be a button, or can be directly placed inside the outer garment without a button, so that you can keep warm, if it is a high-grade square scarf Reflecting noble temperament and taste.