Improve the yield of the papermaking workshop(1)

Update:04 Apr 2019

Improving the yield and first-class rate are effective […]

Improving the yield and first-class rate are effective measures to ensure the output and quality.
To improve the yield of the papermaking workshop, the main requirement is that the quality of the paper is stable, the number of broken ends is small, the paper is less sick, and the trimming is not too wide. Look at the steamwork to be careful to ensure that the water content of the paper is appropriate.
The appearance of paper disease will lead to a decrease in the yield. The paper machine monitor should pay attention to summarizing the occurrence of the paper disease of the machine and solving the paper disease when it is required to be fast and accurate.
Jobs such as paper cutting, rewinding, and paper selection should be carefully operated, and the spirit of dedication and dedication should be promoted to save money and reduce the amount of paper loss.
The first-class product rate refers to the percentage of first-class products in total production.
Its level is a comprehensive reflection of the operation and management level of the entire papermaking workshop, and it is also a comprehensive reflection of the product quality level. Work should be done from the aspects of technology, equipment and operation to improve the first-class product rate.
Team accounting is the leader of workshop production management
Due to the characteristics of its flow operation, the basic unit of accounting for paper mills is the workshop.
Within the workshop, each team should be assessed for output, quality, and consumption. The sub-teams will be accounted for and the grades will be opened.
For the production index, the paper production amount of each unit should be assessed. The quality index should be evaluated for the first-class product rate. The consumption indicators include tons of pulp consumption, tons of paper steam consumption, tons of paper electricity consumption, tons of paper water consumption, and tons of papermaking equipment. Consumption. The responsibility for the above indicators should be implemented to individuals, and the completion is linked to the individual income of the employees.