Improve the yield of the papermaking workshop(2)

Update:13 Apr 2019

(1) For the positions of the measurable parts, such as […]

(1) For the positions of the measurable parts, such as paper selection and punching, the piece rate can be implemented.
(2) For positions that cannot be counted, the large group (that is, each position from beating, papermaking, rewinding, and paper cutting) is evaluated. The implementation of the increase in people does not increase the prize, reducing the number of people without reducing the award.
According to the production, quality and consumption of each group, the three can determine a certain proportion. The situation determines the level of per capita income in the large group. The personnel in the group determine the post coefficient according to the position, and the income of each person is calculated by multiplying the average number in the group by the post coefficient.
(3) The per capita income of the workshop mechanics is linked to the average daily operation time of the paper machine. The income level of each person is determined by the implementation of each person's equipment maintenance responsibility system and the amount of responsibility.
(4) Establish a single award, encourage everyone to use their brains, and find ways to create high quality and high yield.
For example, if a paper machine of a factory produces 60g/m2 writing paper, it is not easy to produce more than 1000 orders per shift according to the current situation. If the output of 1000 shifts per shift is achieved, the production must be normal from beginning to end, and the paper web is rarely broken. And the quality is stable.
In order to encourage advancement, the workshop will propose a certain percentage of the total wages, as a team that rewards a single-shift output with enterprise reform and enterprise management of 1,000 orders.
According to the actual situation, it is also possible to set up a single prize for consumption reduction and a single prize for first-class products.