Improving effective working time

Update:29 Mar 2019

Improving effective working time is the key to workshop […]

Improving effective working time is the key to workshop production management
The effective working time mentioned here refers to the time when the paper machine actually discharges the paper, including the daily average working time and the improvement of the papermaking rate.
When the equipment is in normal operation, the average daily working time of the long net paper machine is 22.5h, and the round paper machine is 23h. In the production stage of the paper machine, the daily average working time is less than 20h, but if it is less than 22.5 for a long time. The level of h is equal to the production capacity of the paper machine is not fully utilized, is a waste of equipment.
To improve the average daily working time of paper machines, the following measures are often taken:
First, improve the integrity of the equipment, and plan to repair the key equipment of the machine.
The second is to arrange downtime and reduce unplanned downtime.
Generally, the downtime is reasonably arranged according to the cycle of replacement or cleaning of the net and the blanket, usually twice a week. If the paper machine uses a high-efficiency blanket washing device, it can also be arranged once a week.
The third is to develop the corresponding equipment maintenance and maintenance responsibility system. When the maintenance is stopped, the problem is not completely solved, and it should not be dealt with.
The responsibility of the relevant personnel shall be investigated for unplanned downtime caused by poor quality inspection or work failure.
Under the premise of ensuring the working time of the paper machine, the beating operation and paper machine operation should be carried out reasonably to reduce the number of web breaks. Operators should practice basic skills, increase joint speed, and reduce roll change time. The paper machine squad leader must have a planned and purposeful patrol inspection to find out the problem in a timely manner.