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Are there any preservatives in the household paper?


Toilet paper is a part of our daily life. It is our household paper and is closely related to our health. It is a popular hygiene product in our lives in today's society. Many aspects of people's lives are inseparable from it. So, whether there are preservatives in household paper, I must be more curious about this, so let's take a look at it.

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In our lives, the household paper used does have preservatives. The selection of antiseptic and antiseptic should be determined according to factors such as production conditions, the properties of the slurry and the pH value. The antiseptic preservatives with a broad antiseptic spectrum should be used as much as possible; if used for a long time, two or more antiseptic preservatives should be used alternately to prevent microbial resistance; if the paper and cardboard that are in contact with food are added, The toxicity and the maximum allowable dosage should be considered; the influence of PH value should also be paid attention to. Generally, acid antiseptic preservatives should be used for alkaline bacteria, and alkaline antiseptic preservatives should be used for acidophilic bacteria.

Generally, preservatives must be added to household paper, which is inevitable, but it is also necessary to choose preservatives with guaranteed quality. So, what are the characteristics of good preservatives, let me introduce to you:

1. It has high-efficiency, rapid and broad-spectrum bactericidal and antibacterial abilities, so that bacteria can be killed in a short time or their cells lose their ability to grow and reproduce.

2. It should have low toxicity, easy decomposition and certain solubility. After use, it will decompose by itself under certain conditions. Generally, it will cause little or no pollution to the environment and no harm to product users.

3. There is no irritating odor, no serious pollution to the environment and adverse effects on operators.

It has a long-term effect on microorganisms, and the bacteria will not develop resistance and lose its effect in a short time.