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How to save masking tape


Good maintenance of any kind of product is very important, because good maintenance can not only enable the use of the product to achieve the best performance, but also make the use of the product longer, masking tape, people The inevitable product of life, we need to have a good maintenance.

1. Masking tape storage

Masking tape storage and repair scope of masking tape includes maintenance. We want American masking tape. You need to store masking tape regularly and ensure that the warehouse is clean and dry. Only in this way can the warehouse masking tape be protected from the sun and rain. In addition, when the tape has been stored for a long period of time, you should turn the tape regularly, flip it over, and mask the tape to ensure that there is no collapse. .

2. Use of masking tape

Masking tape also contains a series of maintenance masking tape is used to maintain, it is necessary, according to your own needs and reasonable choice of tape, can not be different types or different strengths, different fabrics mix the use of masking tape layer In addition, even if the masking tape masking tape keeps the snake phenomenon will not occur, there must be a certain degree of tension.

3. Masking tape conveying

Masking tape The masking tape maintains the delivery time range and also includes maintenance. It is best to use cranes and crane beams when shipping. We also need to have lock masking tape, because the delivery time of the masking tape edge is Make sure it will not be damaged. In addition, take care that the masking tape will not be mechanically damaged when it is unloaded.

The above is a more comprehensive way to maintain the masking tape.