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Is your dish cloth clean?


Many people don't care about the cleaning of the cleaning tools themselves. After washing the dishes, squeeze the foam in the dishcloth and rinse them with running water. But detergents can only take away oil stains, and cannot inhibit and kill bacteria. The bacteria remaining in the dishcloth will continue to multiply.
When I bought a new rag, the arrangement was pretty good at the beginning: this one for washing dishes, that one for cleaning the stove, and another for cleaning the chopping board... But in actual use, it’s not the same. Mixed use and mixed use will result in illness. The bacteria ran around with the rag.
The choice of dish cloth material is exquisite. There is a very useful thing called "lazy rag", which looks a bit like kitchen paper, and becomes a piece of cloth after water is passed. It has strong water absorption and can be cleaned with one wipe. The most important thing is to throw it away when used up, so there is no need to worry about the secondary pollution of microorganisms.
Secondly, the cleaning power of the microfiber cloth is also better. Because microfiber is not a hydrophilic material, water cannot penetrate into the fiber, and the cloth can be kept dry, and it is not easy to breed bacteria due to water.
It is not recommended to use cleaning sponges and other porous dish cloths. This material is easy to absorb water and easy to leave food residues, thereby breeding bacteria.
To clean the dish cloth, in addition to washing away stains with detergent, wringing out and drying, it should also be disinfected. Disinfectant is generally sufficient to use 84, or boil for 15 minutes, can also play a role in sterilization. It is recommended to change the dish cloth every 1 to 3 months.

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