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Paste masking paper in the construction of the beauty joint agent


As one of the tools for beautiful stitching of tiles, Masking paper has always played a more awkward role. But in fact, its role in the construction process is far beyond our imagination. Why is it recommended that you should paste masking paper in the construction of the beauty joint agent?
1. It is convenient to clean up after construction, which saves time and effort;
At present, the three common construction methods are sticking masking paper, using pressure-stitched steel balls and waxing. We will put the texture paper on the back and say, if we use the steel ball for pressing, we must request it to be a smooth tile. Just push it directly, and then shovel off the excess part after curing. As for waxing, before construction, waxing on both sides of the tile joints and then performing beautiful joints. After solidification the next day, a row of people use a shovel to remove the waste. This kind of operation was previously used to deal with the irregular edge of the gap, and now it is misrepresented as a "general skill" by everyone.
Let’s take a look at its pros and cons from its operating specifications: pre-waxing must be uniform, too little waxing will cause the remaining material on both sides to be shoveled; too much waxing will penetrate the tile joints, and it will make the beautiful seam material sticky. Decrease, it is easy to cause falling off and rework again. Pasting masking paper is a bit laborious in the early stage, but it does not have to worry about these problems. As long as it is pasted, the excess material can be separated from the tiles. After the glue is applied, it can be torn off directly without waiting for the glue to cure. There is no need to send someone to clean up the next day. Comparatively speaking, the work hours of the second day are saved, which can completely make up for the previous shortcomings.
2. There is no need to worry about damaging the tiles; whether it is pressing the steel ball or waxing, wait for the material to solidify before removing it with a spatula. The smooth tiles are better. For antique bricks and the like, if the waxing is uneven, the excess seam material is not cleaned up, and it is easy to leave scratches when using a spatula, so even if who is not held accountable, it is destined to be a seam construction The failure.
Masking paper has the characteristics of soft and compliant, easy to tear and no residual glue. It can be compliantly affixed to various tiles, easily removed after construction, and will not cause any damage to the tiles.