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The characteristics of masking tape


Masking tape is a roll-shaped adhesive tape made of masking paper and pressure-sensitive glue as main raw materials, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on the masking paper, and coated with anti-adhesive material on the other side. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, soft fit and no residual glue after tearing. In the industry, it is commonly known as textured paper pressure-sensitive adhesive tape.

1. Specially composed curing adhesive: Provides excellent solvent resistance and high temperature resistance for masking tape without leaving any adhesive traces.
2. Adhesive tape can be easily bent: the protective edge of the curve to the circle will not be broken.
3. Persistence: The adhesiveness of the masking tape itself can still provide proper retention even under heavy pressure.
4. Easy to tear: easy to operate, it can still be used even without scissors or blades.
5. Adherence: The masking tape can fit on the surface of high curvature, and the thickness is satisfied without the need to make up.
6. Moderate unwinding force: The unwinding force that is not too heavy or too light is easy to operate.
7. Smoothness: The base material of the masking tape is smooth and will not cause the user's skin to feel uncomfortable.
8. Not easy to break into fragments: the tape will not automatically divide into multiple fragments.
9. Instant tackiness: the adhesive tape will be tacky as soon as it touches.
10. Solvent resistance: The crepe paper base material is resistant to solvent penetration.
11. The basic color of the masking tape will not fall off.

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