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The correct use of high temperature masking tape


Due to its excellent characteristics, high-temperature masking tape has been widely used in the building materials industry, but not everyone can use it correctly. If you can't use it correctly, you won't be able to give full play to its outstanding performance.

1. Some self-adhesive tapes with particularly excellent properties are exaggerated in terms of stretchability and self-adhesive properties. At the same time, due to the unparalleled waterproof performance of the seals, they also become very strong, so this self-adhesive tape is especially suitable for underwater joint work, and black rubber can avoid siltation.

2. excellent waterproof performance Special waterproof self-adhesive tape Needless to say, strong insulation is also the main selling point, but due to the use of electrical insulating materials, its heat resistance will become worse. If you need to improve its heat resistance, you can use it with black tape .

3. In fact, the black tape just mentioned is also a self-adhesive tape. Its main material is cotton cloth. The advantage is its winding performance and insulation resistance. The price is cheap and durable, but there is nothing to say. Because its insulation selling point is often applied to the connectors of low-voltage lines. Although it is heat-resistant, it is very afraid of water. After being soaked, the insulation performance will decrease, and the insulation effect will be lost after immersion.

High temperature resistant masking tape belongs to the technical field of chemical product manufacturing. It is made of methyl vinyl silicone rubber, fumed white carbon black, tackifier, vinyl silicone oil and iron red. The production process is to mix the above raw materials together. Placed in a 60Coγ-ray irradiation field for radiation vulcanization. This product can not only meet the urgent needs of special engine manufacturing, but also can be used as an insulation protection product alone in a high temperature and high pressure environment. It can be used for electrical insulation protection of large motors, motors, special machinery, etc. It has strong insulation and anti-sealing performance under special high temperature and high pressure harsh environment.

Stretch the tape correctly and wind it forward 1/2 turn to form a squeezing effect. The start and end positions need to be completely overlapped and wound.

The high temperature masking tape is made of high temperature resistant tape and inorganic silicone rubber. The tape is attached with an easy-to-peel protective layer. It can be used at H-level high temperature of 250°C (365°F) and is especially suitable for packaging. The outermost layer of the cable terminal is anti-electric wiring.

In use, add a covered tape cover to the terminal. The entire terminal is covered with a layer of semi-overlapping tape, from one inch of the cable housing to the metal protrusion. When using high temperature masking tape, please use light pressure (it will stretch the tape by 10%-100%), and the tape should not stretch in the last round. To prevent the tape from curling at the end, hold the tape until it melts and sticks (use it when water and dust are prohibited).

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