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What are the safety precautions for Household paper products


Household paper products are essential consumer goods in daily life. Household paper is divided into several categories, such as tissue paper, wrinkled toilet paper, diapers, and wet tissue paper. It is in direct contact with the human body, and its sanitary condition directly affects the health of the human body. Therefore, when we use household paper, different body parts need to use different papers to avoid affecting our health.

If we must pay attention when wiping the mouth and face, use facial tissues instead of ordinary toilet paper, because the bacterial content of facial tissues is far lower than that of toilet paper, so for the health of the family, especially the children, pay attention to wiping the mouth. Use facial tissues for nose and face.

When we are choosing paper products, we must choose big brands. The quality of such paper is guaranteed. However, large brands may also be exposed to quality problems, but compared with some miscellaneous brands, it is much more reliable.

When buying paper products, you should be optimistic about the ingredients of the raw materials. Generally speaking, paper containing virgin wood pulp is better, and can be used to wipe your mouth and face, etc. High-quality facial tissues use virgin wood pulp; and pure wood Pulp paper, usually toilet paper, should not be used to wipe your face.

When purchasing facial tissues, you should pay attention to it. According to regulations, facial tissues cannot contain fluorescent brighteners, but toilet paper is not required. Therefore, you cannot use toilet paper to wipe your face. This is also important. Everyone should also pay attention to the fact that you should not use the poor paper towels for wiping your face, the paper towels that can smell peculiar smell, and the paper towels that lose powder. These are relatively inferior paper towels.

When female friends are buying toilet paper, please pay special attention. Do not use unqualified toilet paper, especially toilet paper that is easy to fall off and break.