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What is non-woven fabric? What are the characteristics?

Now there is a kind of PP and wood pulp combined nonwoven  wallpaper on the market, which is also a kind of modern home wallpaper category, because it uses natural plant fibers after non-woven processing skills to form non-woven wallpaper directly, which can be more Environmental protection is more healthy, and the stretching force is stronger. The biggest feature of non-woven fabrics is that they have long durability and better air permeability than ordinary wallpapers. So what are the characteristics of non-woven wallpapers and how to choose them?
 Characteristics of non-woven wallpaper
 1. Good environmental performance: Non-woven wallpaper is made of natural raw materials such as fiber or silk. No PVC or chlorine elements, no formaldehyde gas during installation, the air pollution will be low.
 2. Good air permeability: At present, the air permeability of non-woven fabrics is the best. It can improve the humidity of the wall and the air anytime and anywhere, and it will not cause the wallpaper to become moldy and yellow, make the wallpaper glue fail and cause the wallpaper to fall off.
 3. Long lifespan: The wallpaper sticker is very strong, it is difficult for non-professionals to tear it off, and the use time is long.
 4. Good ductility: small shrinkage force, light texture, the wallpaper is naturally attached to the wall, and the seamless connection looks like a whole.
 Non-woven wallpaper identification technology
 1. Feel the feel of the hand
 The wallpapers of pure wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper look similar, but it feels that they have many different aspects, although it seems that there is any difference between them, but there is no texture, the texture of pure paper wallpaper will be more flexible, because pure paper wallpaper is Made of wood pulp.
 2. Anti-mildew and waterproof
 A few drops of water droplets on the surface of the wallpaper completely invade the wallpaper into the water to test the water permeability of the wallpaper, but the water permeability is not very good. After a drop of water, whether there is a color drop on the surface of the wallpaper dried with paper, especially if the color of the wallpaper is brighter. The wallpaper has been treated with waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, made on the wall and the wallpaper will not shrink during use.
 3. Color difference
 Due to the use of natural materials, non-woven wallpaper may have gradient color difference, this is a normal phenomenon, not a product quality problem.
 4. Good environmental protection
 The wallpaper with good environmental protection has almost no peculiar smell, and some inferior wallpaper will have a pungent smell. This wallpaper is not available for purchase, and a small amount of wallpaper can be lit if conditions permit. If less odor is generated, no black smoke will be formed and a small amount of gray powder will be emitted, which can prove that the wallpaper has high environmental performance.