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What is the application of washi tape


Washi tape
Compared with general tape, paper tape has the surface changed to paper. Usually the stickiness is not strong, so the advantage is that it is easy to tear, and there will be no residual glue after tearing off. Paper tape is generally produced in various colors, so it is widely used for pasting paper, beautifying, decorating, and DIY.

Taiwanese paper
Color: yellow, red, black, white, blue
Temperature resistance: 110 degrees
Features: Can withstand the effects of Hejiaoshui, Erjiaben, Tiannashui, etc.! Prevent degumming, discoloration, etc.!
Uses: Using washi paper as the base material, the paper is soft, suitable for sports equipment, rubber, plastic parts and construction sites, indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration spraying, and painting. Moderate viscosity, good adhesion and concealment to most smooth surfaces, bends or corners, good workability, quick torn off after use, no residual glue.
Good initial adhesion and good holding power, easy to adhere to all kinds of surfaces, low labor intensity, the masking film ~ masking paper can be firmly fixed in the required position to avoid sliding, falling off, etc.
Textured paper backing base: uniform thickness, good adhesion, the tape will not break when wrapping around the corner.
Back guessing infiltration filling: dense material, good solvent resistance, easy to tear, not easy to break, the tape can be removed as a whole after use.
Anti-adhesion treatment of backing material: The unwinding force is small and uniform, without excessive unwinding, and it is easy to use with masking paper on a special cutter.
501 chrysanthemum water tape
Substrate: Washi-based paper
Temperature resistance: 75℃x15 min
Main uses: general paint, spray paint, coating and shielding, electronic products, winding insulation, sealing, lightweight gift box packaging, and cleaning of noble items.
. Cover to avoid paint stains when spraying  . Substitute bandage
. Protection of glass joints with water repellent treatment. Art work paste
. Bandaging of electronic parts. Interior decoration stickers
. Sealing of light packaging products. For temporary protection of metal or acrylic
701 chrysanthemum water tape
Substrate: Washi
Main application: This product is made of long-fiber and paper impregnated with a special release agent to increase softness and strengthen the ductility of the paper and apply adhesives and other special treatments to make it resistant to sunlight and ultraviolet rays for outdoor decoration. Intermediate materials must not be lacking during outdoor waterproofing and caulking construction. This product is supplied to the market in blue and green. The width is based on 15mm and 18mm, and the length is based on 18 meters.

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