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What is the difference between the use of washi and masking tape


As we all know, there are many types of tape, the more common ones are transparent tape, high temperature tape, electrostatic tape, electrical tape, washi tape, masking tape... and so on. Among them, washi tape and masking tape are relatively similar.

Washi tape:(/product/washi-paper/
Compared with general adhesive tapes, it uses washi paper as the base material, and the surface is changed to paper. The paper is soft. It is suitable for sports equipment, rubber and plastic parts and construction sites, indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration spraying, and painting. However, since the adhesive is not strong, there will never be any residual glue after tearing off.
Masking tape:(/product/masking-paper/
Masking tape is a roll-shaped adhesive tape made of masking paper and pressure-sensitive glue as main raw materials, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on the masking paper, and coated with anti-adhesive material on the other side. Moderate viscosity, good adhesion and covering to most smooth surfaces, it is convenient, fast and beautiful for decoration in various high-end places or homes.
Washi tape and masking tape are good helpers in masking construction. What are the differences in their use and how should we choose them reasonably?
Ordinary masking tape can still meet our use in terms of basic non-residual glue, but some leakage-proof construction occasions require washi tape to appear, and the surface of the washi tape will be coated with a layer of silicone oil. This layer of silicone oil can be used. Protect the lower layer of washi to prevent leakage.
Car painting often encounters the situation that the paint penetrates from the textured paper to the surface of the car, which is very troublesome to handle. In fact, the construction environment must use washi tape, and the silicone oil on the surface of the paper tape can prevent the paint from penetrating. After tearing off the washi paper, the work is done, so there is no need to clean up the mess.
Paper tape has similar functions, but there are subtle differences in functionality and performance, so it is necessary for us to do homework in material selection before construction.