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What is the difference between Washi tape and masking tape


What is the difference between paper tape and masking tape

Washi tape(/product/washi-paper/)

1. Washi paper can withstand the effects of Japanese banana water, dimethyl benzene, thinner, etc. Washi paper tape can prevent degumming and discoloration, and the substrate paper is soft.

2. Its temperature resistance can reach 110°.

3. Washi tape has various colors, and its main substrate is washi.

4. Mainly used in paint, spray paint, coating and shielding, electronic products, winding insulation, sealing, lightweight gift box packaging, and cleaning of noble items.

Masking tape(/product/masking-paper/)

1. Masking tape is generally used in spray paint, baking varnish coating, leather, shoemaking, electronic industries, etc., and is generally torn off after use.

2. The base material of masking tape is masking paper and pressure sensitive glue.

3. It has high bonding ability and resistance to chemical solvents.

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