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It is not easy to make waste paper


The national waste price has been falling for more than 20 days in a row. The price cuts range from the initial fine water to the flood from the 27th. The market is not too much to describe.

Since the second quarter of this year, the industry has been difficult, the cardboard factory is difficult, the paperboard factory is difficult, the paper mill sales are not ideal, the inventory is high, the price needs to be reduced, and the pressure is applied to the upstream. The waste paper merchants understand, of course, the price cut, no problem!

It is also from the second quarter that the country began to strictly check the disposal of solid waste. The paper mills could not pile up so much waste paper. The packing station actively cooperated with the new requirements of the paper mills, and did not add trouble to the paper mills. The various costs were increased. The paper supply end is taken over, and this is no problem!

However, in the past few days, the price cuts of some enterprises have really made it difficult for suppliers to bear. The A-grade yellow board of paper mills in South China has reported a price of less than 1800. This price is not “cutting the leek” but “ Want people to live!" If you need to stop, you can temporarily "stop", but this way to report ultra-low prices, induce other companies to pull down the purchase price at the same time is completely destructive to the market, the blow to suppliers will be fatal!

It is not easy to make waste paper, the price is different every day, there is no uniform standard in the country, the paper mill customers have different requirements, and sometimes it is difficult to satisfy all customers.

Please be kind to your waste paper supplier, especially the supplier who is willing to give you arrears, and willing to support your supplier from small to large. They will do their best for you. A good supplier is more important than a bank. If you go to a bank loan to find someone, you will not be able to make a loan. The interest is not low. If you don't pay back due, you have to sue you! And suppliers, as long as you are honest, will not support you!

Any company or person who does not respect the supplier, it hurts not only the supplier company and its marketing personnel, but the biggest hurt is the external image of you and your company, and ultimately the interests of your business! Therefore, companies should start from basic courtesy and etiquette, be kind to your suppliers, and respect others as respected!

A company that is really doing business is bound to do a good job of each section of the company chain. In the case of the company, it is strictly self-disciplined, and it must be strict with people, and pay attention to products and services. Products and services. It is more important than anything to attach importance to suppliers and to solve problems and improve together.

From now on, take action, be kind to your waste paper supplier, let him help you have better development, let's spend the industry together!