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Know the different types of wet wipes when choosing wet wipes

Sweating, full of shine, before and after meals... Wet wipes become an essential commodity. At present, there are many wet tissue products in the shopping mall. The functions of each model seem to be different. How to choose? Let's discuss the common knowledge of wet wipes collected today! When choosing a wet wipe, you should understand the types of different wet wipes and choose according to your needs. Types of wet wipes: Clean type: It is the most versatile and easy to carry. It is not easy to use when cleaning and cleaning when going out. It is convenient to use at any time. Some of these wipes are specially formulated with low concentrations of bactericidal ingredients, focusing on hand cleaning. Cleansing type: It has cleansing ingredients and moisturizing ingredients. It can remove makeup residue, replenish moisture and avoid dry lines on the face. Infant type: It is added with ingredients such as aloe vera and glycerin, and it is mild in nature. Family type: The cheapest price, suitable for families with high requirements for cleanliness.