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Large paper machine Composition and principle of operation(1)


The compact wet end system is designed to reduce the size of the traditional wet end process and significantly improve the performance of the entire paper machine. The reduction in system size is based on the POM principle, using a compact slurry mixing system to replace the traditional slurry mixing and slurry pools, as well as the dry slurry flow control technology to eliminate the slurry tank.
The centrifugal degassing and slag remover system and the pressurized white water distribution system based on the flexible tandem concept can reduce the size of the short circuit because it can eliminate the white puddle, storage silo and vacuum degassing system.
The compact wet end system reduces the volume of the entire wet end by 90%. The development and advancement of Meinander's compact wet end system has drawn the attention of the paper industry, and most manufacturers of paper machine equipment and systems now offer compact wet end systems as a means of effectively improving the performance of paper machines.
Composition and principle of operation
Contrary to the traditional concept, the compact wet end system requires high speed and high quality operation of the paper machine, and there is no mandatory requirement for large volume of slurry pool, storage silo and under-white puddle.
In many cases, large systems often cause system instability and fluctuations, reducing the efficiency of the papermaking process. The compact wet end system significantly reduces the size of the system and is superior to conventional wet end systems.