Masking paper is a kind of crepe paper

Update:11 Jan 2021

Textured paper is named after its surface has irregular […]

Textured paper is named after its surface has irregular patterns like cantaloupe surface patterns. According to the production process and product form, it can be classified into the category of crepe paper. One of the major uses of textured paper is to produce masking tape. . Masking tape is widely used in the production process of electronic components, tapes, finished products, automotive industry paint masking tape, various industries and construction decoration industries such as pasting, protection, fixing and packaging, such as in electronic components, When spraying on the surface of automobiles and other surfaces, a layer of masking tape paper can be coated on the protected surface that does not need to be processed to make it free from contamination. After spraying, it can be easily removed without leaving any glue on the bedding. Protection. There are many types of masking tape. According to their performance, there are low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature pressure sensitive tape, hot melt tape, etc. According to the requirements of use, a layer of adhesive is coated on the masking base paper, and the other side is coated with anti-sticking as needed. The material can be made into roll-shaped masking tape.

Masking paper is a kind of crepe paper, but generally speaking, crepe paper mainly refers to tissue paper, toilet paper, color crepe packaging decoration paper, etc. The existing technology for producing crepe paper is generally based on unbleached or bleached softwood kraft pulp For papermaking fiber raw materials, it is made by free method of beating, pulping, online papermaking, on-machine wrinkling and drying. Most of the wrinkles are wrinkled along the transverse direction of the paper web, but they also have the wrinkle effect of omnidirectional lines. For different purposes, the depth and fineness of the wrinkles will be different.

In the process of sourcing textured paper, we often encounter crepe paper for other purposes, such as for medical and health, decoration, packaging, etc., some of which are often dyed into different color effects for beautiful decorative effects. When these crepe papers are used as the base paper for adhesive tape products, they have the following defects: when the adhesive is directly coated on the surface of the base paper, the adhesive is quickly absorbed, even penetrates to the back, and the wet strength is also very low, and it is easily broken. During the pretreatment of anti-stick coating coating, the base paper is not only easy to be broken, but also the coated anti-stick coating easily penetrates to the back of the base paper, thus forming anti-stick coating on both sides of the base paper, which cannot be formed with anti-stick coating The back side of the base paper of the layer is subjected to the next coating and gluing process.

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