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Need to pay attention when choosing wet wipes


First, the brand
I recommend using a large company's products when choosing wet wipes, and the brand reputation is higher. Because wet wipes contain moisture, if the hygiene standards are not strictly controlled at the time of production, bacteria will be easily produced when stored in the future, so the wet wipes are generally only valid for 2 years, one year less than dry paper towels. I think that the things used to wipe the mouth, wipe the noodles, or the health point, so as not to buy "cheap" things lead to "illness from the mouth."
Second, ingredients, aroma
I usually use wet wipes when the face is shiny, but after use, the skin is very dry and uncomfortable. Later, when I purchased the wet wipes, I paid more attention to its ingredients. I hope it is a little moisturizing effect. Shu Jie is often used at present. Shu Jie's wipes add ingredients of tea tree and aloe vera (the aloe vera has a moisturizing effect, the tea tree component helps to clean and has a certain antibacterial effect). It is very comfortable to use, not allergic, and some have a Mediterranean fragrance. The atmosphere is very comfortable.
In addition, there are still a lot of wet wipes on the market that can be sterilized, but note that the national regulations on wet wipes can not use the word "disinfection", and think about it, if you take a wipe that can be "sterilized" Used to wipe the mouth, who knows, those "sterilization" ingredients into the mouth, what effect will it have on our body? I am afraid... or use it carefully. I remember reading a few news stories last year. The Ministry of Health has ordered the sale of ABC and the sanitary wipes of the heart, because they "exaggerated the strong inhibition and killing effect on E. coli."
Third, the packaging specifications
Wet wipes have different packaging specifications, a package of more than a dozen, or a single piece of independent packaging, when you buy, depends on your frequency of use. It is best to use a separate package for less frequency so that moisture is not easily lost.
Fourth, packaging design
Women are always inseparable from the appeal of these appearances. I feel that packaging can express a person's taste, so packaging is also an important factor in selection.