Non-woven wallpaper construction method and matters needing attention

Update:24 Jun 2021

Non-woven wallpaper, also called non-woven paper wallpa […]

Non-woven wallpaper, also called non-woven paper wallpaper, is a kind of high-end wallpaper/wallpaper. Because it is made of natural plant fiber non-woven technology, it has stronger tensile force, more environmental protection, no moldy and yellowing, and good air permeability is the main reason for high-quality wallpaper. Substrate.
  How to paste non-woven wallpaper:
  1, wall treatment
   The wall shall be flat, clean, dry, uniform in color, free of voids, unevenness of convexity, and unevenness. The wall shall be treated with a base film (or varnish) before construction.
  2, wallpaper cutting
  Place the wallpaper according to the serial number of the wallpaper, measure the height of the wall, and cut the wallpaper by setting aside 5 cm above and below the height of the wall. Remember to cut one roll of wallpaper at a time to prevent quality problems.
  3, brush wallpaper glue
   The glue for sticking non-woven wallpaper must be evenly painted on the wall, and the thickness is only 2mm. Never brush the glue directly on the back of the non-woven fabric, let alone soaking it in water. Unlike other wallpapers, non-woven fabrics should have a thicker and thicker glue than other wallpapers to reduce their fluidity.
   4. Wallpapering
   The non-woven wallpaper will be posted in the order compared in advance.

   5. Construction wallpaper cutting
It is necessary to lay the sides and cut the construction. The specific method is to lay the sides during the construction. The amount of the sides depends on the pattern, about 3 cm. The plain non-woven fabric is constructed by the method of front and back paste during the construction. After ensuring that the pattern is aligned, press the ruler at the overlapping place to cut, try to avoid cutting at the outside corner, so as not to cause the wallpaper at the outside corner to warp, make sure that the cutter is sharp when cutting, and there should be no burrs. , At the same time pay attention to the strength of the knife, to ensure that one cut, one cut, but not excessively hurt the surface of the wall.
  6. ​​Clean after wallpaper is pasted
   If there is dust on the surface after construction, use a short-bristled brush or duster to wipe it gently. Do not wipe it with a wet towel to cause the contamination to expand.
   Matters needing attention for pasting non-woven wallpaper:
   1. When the base paint coating is dry during construction, draw a vertical line as a standard to avoid incorrectly pasting the wallpaper.
2. Do not use a hard scraper or nylon brush after the wallpaper is on the wall. You should use a soft brush to gently scrape from top to bottom to smooth the surface of the non-woven fabric to remove bubbles and wrinkles. Do not scrape the glue out of the joints to avoid pollution If you accidentally squeeze the glue out of the surface, wipe it off with a dry towel immediately, and try to keep your hands clean during construction.
  3. During the construction, the construction should be inspected, and the construction should be stopped immediately if the problem is found, and the cause and solution should be found before the construction.