paper prices has been insufficient

Update:26 Jan 2019

Pulp futures have reduced the risk of hedging and locki […]

Pulp futures have reduced the risk of hedging and locking prices in the paper industry. In recent years, the price fluctuation of pulp has been significant, which has caused a huge impact on the operating profit of China's papermaking enterprises. In the past year, pulp prices have risen by 47%.
Stud Enso's president of China, Yu Dejun, also believes that the listing of futures provides enterprises with hedging financial instruments, which is also conducive to companies to find prices and forecast costs.
Behind the first day of pulp futures: the paper industry adjusts production rhythm
On the first day of performance, although it did not look forward to the "open door", but the shock is lower, close to the full line of the limit, which is expected in most industry insiders. An analyst told the 21st Century Business Herald that this year's confidence in pulp prices and paper prices has been insufficient, and the overall price trend has been downward.