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Performance of printed paper


What are the effects of fillers on the performance of printed paper?

Adding filler to the printing paper can improve the printing suitability of the paper, such as increasing the whiteness, smoothness, opacity and stiffness of the paper. Improves the affinity, softness and stability of the paper to the ink, which helps to improve the quality of the print. Of course, the amount of filler added to the paper is too high, which also has some adverse effects, mainly due to the decrease of the strength of the paper and the decrease of the sizing effect. In the printing, powder and lint are easily generated, and the filler particles are transferred to the printing plate and the rubber. Plasters and the like may occur on the cloth; the printing plate may be worn due to the friction of the filler, but the use of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) may reduce the wear plate to a minimum (Jindong currently used).

What is the opacity of paper?

Opacity refers to the opacity of paper. The opacity of paper depends on the light scattering ability of the paper, the amount of light scattering interface inside the paper (ie, the number of internal independent particles) and the difference in refractive index of the scattering interface. The more the light scattering interface, the greater the difference in refractive index between the scattering interfaces, the greater the light scattering ability of the paper and the higher the opacity.