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Physical indicators of wet wipes


First, softness:
The softness of the wipes is very important. If it is hard, who would want to use it to wipe our cute face and cherry mouth? Ha ha
Second, humidity:
Wet wipes, wet wipes, if the degree of wetness is not enough, how can it be called wet wipes? ! However, it is not as wet as possible. If water is dripped, it is not only inconvenient to use, but also difficult to store for a long time because it is easy to produce bacteria.
Third, pull:
Wet wipes means that you pull it by hand and see if it is elastic or not. Of course, wet wipes with good tension are more ductile.
Fourth, weight (thickness):
It refers to the weight per unit area, which is actually the thickness we generally understand. If the wipes are too thin, they are easily torn and will also affect the water content.
Five, wet wipes size:
After the unfolding, the wipes with a larger area can of course be cleaned more.