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Precautions for the use of wet wipes


Wipes should be used within the shelf life. Do not use the wipes if you notice mildew on them. Wipes cannot be reused multiple times. When wet wipes are reused, instead of removing bacteria, some surviving bacteria will be transferred to uncontaminated surfaces, which should be discarded in time after use.

When possible, try to avoid wiping the face, lips, eyes and mucous membranes with wet wipes. If you feel itching or pain on the skin during the use of wet wipes, you should stop using it immediately, and if the situation is serious, you should seek medical attention in time.

Wet wipes ≠ hand washing. No matter how many times you wipe your hands with wet wipes, you will not be able to wash your hands, and there will be chemical residues on your hands after using wet wipes. If conditions permit, it is the best way to rinse thoroughly with running water.