Pulp raw material resources are scarce

Update:23 Feb 2019

“We currently have an integrated production base for fo […]

“We currently have an integrated production base for forestry, pulp and paper in China, and some pulp is supplied by companies in other parts of the world,” said Yu Dejun, president of Stora Enso China. “But for production, It's not just a matter of increasing pulp capacity."

He told reporters that in China, the raw material of pulp, wood and wood chips, is in short supply, and it relies heavily on imports. If companies want to expand their production capacity, they must work hard on raw materials. The operation of economic forests needs to consider not only the improvement of forestland productivity through more modern management, but also the sustainable development of source traceability, ecological balance, including biodiversity conservation, which requires a long time and a large investment.

Whether it is for international or domestic paper companies, they are under pressure to transform. This pressure comes from the consumer demand for higher-end products; on the other hand, it comes from increasingly stringent environmental requirements.