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Related introduction of handkerchief paper


Handkerchief paper is the paper commonly used in our daily life. It is closely related to our daily life and comes into contact with it every day. It belongs to the category of household paper. Handkerchief paper is divided into short bag and long bag according to the bag type. Nowadays, short bags are mostly on the market because it is easy to carry. The long bag is mainly used as promotional items for event promotion; compared with the short bag, it looks larger with the same quality and feels more affordable.

From the material point of view, it is hanging grout and shotcrete. Pulp paper is of average paper quality, and the fiber is not evenly sprayed. There may be different thicknesses in some places, which are more detailed on the front and rough on the back. Shotcrete paper generally has good paper quality, is relatively soft, has uniform fibers, clear lines, and strong tensile force. Therefore, pulp paper is cheaper than shotcrete in price. Pulp paper has a higher degree of baling, and shotcrete paper has a lower degree of baling. Now shotcrete is the main product.

Nowadays, there is a new type of colored handkerchief paper on the market, which is different from the traditional white handkerchief paper, and now many handkerchief papers have a fragrance, you can buy them according to your needs. When buying handkerchief paper, pay attention to the production date, hygiene license number, and active ingredients of the outer packaging. The commonly used specifications of handkerchief paper are 180mm*180mm, 205mm*205, 210mm*210, etc. We can choose according to our needs.

When we buy paper towels such as handkerchiefs, we must choose high-quality ones so that they will not affect human health. It can be considered from the aspects of flexibility, water absorption, appearance, and whiteness.