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Seaweed can also be used for papermaking


"We plan to bring this kind of marine new material special paper to the market this year." "Qilu University of Technology - Dongpu Hi-Tech Joint R&D Base" held an unveiling ceremony in Hongdao Economic Zone, and the president of Dongpu Hi-Tech (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. It said that the two sides will carry out scientific and technological research, personnel training and cooperation in production, education and research to promote the application and development of papermaking technology using natural marine materials as raw materials. This is another result of the cooperation between the Red Island Economic Zone and the establishment of a research and development platform for enterprises and universities.

Marine new material special paper is the use of marine fiber raw materials, the main source is brown algae, after natural harvesting, drying, pulverizing, purification and other processes, can be made into fiber raw materials for papermaking. “Qilu University of Technology has many leading technologies in the papermaking field, and the cooperation between the two parties will promote the development of the paper industry. Compared with the current traditional papermaking process, this specialty paper has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, dissolution resistance, absorption of heavy metal ions, etc. Reducing the consumption of terrestrial resources such as trees,” said Hai Haifeng, who is preparing to apply it first to environmentally friendly wallpapers and other industries.