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Selection of sanitary wipes


First, the product packaging should be intact, the internal products should be moisture, not dry.
Second, the outer packaging label is clear and standard, such as: the implementation of health standards, production units, addresses, telephones, instructions for use and precautions.
Third, the logo should also have: the approval number of the health administrative department or the product record and the health license number of the production site.
Fourth, the product production batch number, expiration date or shelf life.
5. Other relevant information, such as: active ingredients, microbicidal properties and time of action, scope of application, etc.
In addition, you should also pay attention when using sanitary wipes:
1. Once the sanitary wipes are dry, they lose their bactericidal effect. Therefore, if the sterilization time is too long, the products will not play the proper bactericidal effect.
2, sanitary wipes have a limited bactericidal effect, mainly for cleaning and sanitation, can not be used as a disinfectant, once contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms should also be treated with disinfectant.