Should dishcloths and dishcloths be stored separately?

Update:16 Jun 2021

Should dishcloths and dishcloths be stored separately? […]

Should dishcloths and dishcloths be stored separately?
First of all, it is recommended that you buy disposable kitchen paper towels and housework wipes(Disposable dish cloth Manufacturers: Throw it away when you are done using it, which is convenient and clean. Only one thing is not good: it is too wasteful to throw it away if you only use it once. So it's best to be reusable, wipe a piece of paper towel or wet wipe from the cleanest place to the dirtiest place, and then throw it away.

Secondly, rather than classifying by tool type, a better classification method is to group by room first, then group by scene, and then find out the order in which each function appears in each scene, and the order of "clean→dirty".

Those belonging to the kitchen and dining room are: dish cloth, scouring pad (←I don’t know the difference between the two, the dish cloth should be a sponge?), cloth for cleaning the table, cloth for wiping the stove, and clean A rag for drying the bowl, a rag for cleaning children’s dining chairs and plates (← these two should not be the same cloth, right?), brushes such as sweet potatoes and potatoes, wire brushes

Other rooms belong to: rags for wiping the balcony, rags for wiping the floor of children's mobile homes, brushes for washing shoes, and bottle brushes

What is difficult to classify by room is: cloth for wiping hands

Get a wet wipe and throw it away when you use it up; you can also use a rag, put it where you want to use it, tell your family, you shouldn’t get it wrong

Normal people will never get confused under normal circumstances

Then there is not much left, I suggest you do it like this,

After eating and washing the dishes, ① wipe the bowl dry with kitchen paper towels, ② at this time the paper towels will become damp, just use to wipe the dining table, ③ fold it and wipe the children’s dining chair with the clean other side, ④ throw away the paper towels

Then, ①wipe the dining table and child dining chair again with kitchen wipes, ②this wipe should be basically clean, use it to wipe the kitchen countertop and sink, ③wipe the stove, ④throw away the wipes, ⑤if necessary Wipe clean with a new tissue

Go into the toilet again, ① wipe the toilet seat with a wet tissue, ② fold it in half to wipe the mirror, ③ scrub the hand basin, ④ continue to wipe the toilet lid and the outside of the toilet with this wet tissue, ⑤ throw away the wet tissue

It should be almost done. The idea is this. You can adjust and adjust according to your own preferences. For example, if you think the mirror is cleaner than the toilet seat, you can wipe the mirror first...

When wiping my hands, I usually just tear a piece of kitchen paper towel to wipe, and then continue to use this paper towel to wipe other things.

The food residues on the ground can be handled properly by pulling the toilet paper.

Kitchen paper towels and wet wipes are wet. The main difference is that wet wipes usually contain detergent ingredients, so it is best not to wipe things that need to be consumed, such as tableware; better quality paper towels and wet wipes can be used. Wet water, so it can even be used as a temporary rag to wash and use again.